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Blog 16 December 2016


Gift giving – it’s not about the expense, but rather about the one who gives it.

A loving and faithful husband is always trying to find out what to give to his wife for his birthday, but it can be hard to decide on the gift that will please his beloved wife more than any other. Girls and women love gifts more so than guys do, so we men should approach the selection of a gift carefully.

Seeking advice from others makes no sense, because you know your wife and what she likes most. In this article, we will share some popular and excellent gifts that will make any girl or woman happy.

Make a list of gifts.

To avoid mistakes when shopping for gifts for your wife’s birthday or for another holiday, you need to make a list of basic gifts. You can make two lists, one to list the gifts you have already given, and the second list for new ideas for gifts to your wife. This way, you will always be original, and your wife will always receive different gifts, since this list will keep you from getting confused and repeating a gift. You’ll notice the joy and happiness in your lady, when you always give different gifts. And keeping these lists is not difficult, it only takes an average of 5-10 minutes.

The gift of experience.

The best gift you can give your wife and the mother of your children is a pleasant experience with the family. WishBox is a unique gift shop with the most original gifts in Montreal. You might not believe it, but family life is the best gift to bring your family joy and make your wife happy. The main thing is to choose a place that both your wife and your family will love, and this article will help you discover where to go with the family, listing the best places to spend a nice and pleasant time surrounded by the family that would make a nice gift for your wife. Experiment, and you will learn exactly what your wife likes best.

Combinations of pink in clothes

Blog 10 December 2016

I’d like to share with you the perfect combinations of pink with other colors. Using these tables is very simple, as you need to choose a color name and look at the palette of colors matching to pink below.

Color soft powdery Carousel Pink and suitable to it shades


The cold shade of pink Lavender Pink


Deep pink Pig Pink


Classy dark pink Mountbatten Pink


Delicate color Classic Rose


Pink with a brown shade Pink Flare


Violet-pink Bouquet


Pink “salmon” Wewak


Warm pink Sweet Pink


Powdery color Beauty Bush


Best humidifier for children’s rooms

Blog 2 December 2016

Air humidification is necessary for any room, especially during the heating season, when the air is too dry. No less important it is for children’s rooms. Therefore, the choice of such device should be approached with great responsibility. Because the dry air in the room can affects the health following ways:

  • restless sleep for baby;
  • decrease of protection level of the immune system;
  • implication of allergic reactions;
  • nasal congestion and dryness of mucous membranes.




Ladies’ hats – stylish accessory

Blog 8 November 2016

Ladies’ hats were unfairly forgotten, but now designers are turning them into the world of fashion. Once again we all can see that popularity of hats drom felt and straw is rising. Ladies’ hats is not just an accessory. In fact, these original hats are very interesting.

Hats come in many different shapes and colors. Modern fashion creates more extravagant and exquisite each every season. In fact it is important to choose the right hat for each event, that you are going to join. The type of cap will depend on the impression you want to make. This winter, the most popular in the fashion world have gained the fedora hats, cowboy hats, floppy hats, top hats, fur hats and gaucho hats.


How leggings are different from tights?

Blog 4 November 2016

Let’s dive into history of leggings and how it made a comeback in the 21st century.

Back in the 90’s, women considered this garment as the peak of fashion. At that time, leggings competed mainly with women’s jeans until the mid 2000s. At that point, leggings started gaining momentum and popularity.


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