Ladies’ hats – stylish accessory

Ladies’ hats were unfairly forgotten, but now designers are turning them into the world of fashion. Once again we all can see that popularity of hats drom felt and straw is rising. Ladies’ hats is not just an accessory. In fact, these original hats are very interesting.

Hats come in many different shapes and colors. Modern fashion creates more extravagant and exquisite each every season. In fact it is important to choose the right hat for each event, that you are going to join. The type of cap will depend on the impression you want to make. This winter, the most popular in the fashion world have gained the fedora hats, cowboy hats, floppy hats, top hats, fur hats and gaucho hats.

Hatі is one of the most notable accessory, as even on a meeting first look is on the face. They are also an indispensable element of fashion. I was inspired to write this post with hat by Nerida Freiman. Take a look how gorgeous it is:


There are several kinds of ladies’ hats, I’d like to share with you, as I loved them so much. The most famous once again came into the fashion. It is “Hat with a veil”.


Woman in a hat with a veil looks enigmatic and mysterious. Such hat with veil fits to all ladies, without exception. Such a delicate and transparent fabric once graced the famous collection of Christian Dior. Main detail of this hat decoration is a veil of different sizes. It can be even an excellent alternative to wedding veil. Use white hat with veil. It may have beautiful and original strap decorated with rhinestones, and, of course, a small piece of translucent veil.

My advice for women who wish to start wearing hats to choose a style and color – simply own it, instead of making it looks like a pimple on your head 🙂

If you would like to get maximum effect from your purchase, so firstly you need to try on hats of simple and eternal styles in universal colors (black, white, red, grey).

Besides, I truly believe, that the true fashionable woman should have at least:

– wool hat for fall and winter seasons (beret,  beanie or newsboy)

– straw sun hat for summertime (fedora or wide brim)

I think they will surely complete your fabulous look, especially for the cold season, when you really need to keep your head in warm.

Another important factor is to select right hat in your best colors and neutrals.

– If you look best in cold colors, so choose neutrals such as black, dark navy blues, sand, greys and pure white.

– If you look best in warm colors, so better to take hat in neutrals such as brown, beige, camel and olive green.

You have to find out your best colors, which can give your face healthy glow and great look.


I would like to show you which hat is better to wear for each face type:

  • It is the best hat styles for Oval faceand has large brims that are either floppy or straight (no wider than your shoulders).


  • For round face is good an irregular brim, vertical design features such as feathers and prominent crown. In other words, all that can elongate your face. I mean any hat that will make your face look more like an oval.


  • Ladies with rectangle face must wear hats with full brims or uplifted brims to focus on softening the jawline. Remember to avoid high crowns and small brims, all they make face look longer.


  • Your main aim is to add width at the forehead, if you have triangular face. Just ook for any hat style that adds width at the forehead. It could be asymmetric brims or even crowns which can help to draw attention upwards from your forehead.



All I can say, that the Best Fashion for Your Face Shape is Hat!

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