Best humidifier for children’s rooms

Air humidification is necessary for any room, especially during the heating season, when the air is too dry. No less important it is for children’s rooms. Therefore, the choice of such device should be approached with great responsibility. Because the dry air in the room can affects the health following ways:

  • restless sleep for baby;
  • decrease of protection level of the immune system;
  • implication of allergic reactions;
  • nasal congestion and dryness of mucous membranes.



option 1 – Humidifier with cold steam

The essence of the its functioning is in next: the device has a fan and wet grid. Such fan directs air flow on the grid, where the bacteria and dust will be remained.


  • low cost;
  • excellent wetting;
  • the possibility of adjusting the noise level and power of the device;
  • low power consumption;
  • can be used for kids of all ages.


  • insufficient cleaning;
  • cold decrease.


option 2 – Devices with a hot steam

The essence of the operation: the humidifier also has a fan and grid, but additionally equipped with some device that heats the water. Vapored water moisturizes the air.


  • relatively low price;
  • sterilization of air;
  • less time for humidification;
  • no need to replace the filters in the device, that allows you save more.

The great advantage of such devices is the ability to use them as an inhaler for children, who often suffer from respiratory diseases, as well as the ability to add essential oils that will allow the child to obtain useful air.


  • effect of the heater;
  • ability to excessive moisture, which requires continuous monitoring;
  • possibility to get burns, being near the hot stream.


option 3 – Ultrasonic devices

The operating principle of such devices is in next: drops of moisture split into the mist and by using this mist these devices dissipate it around the room. This is one of the most popular humidifiers for today.


  • low time spending for humidification;
  • absence of noise during air humidifying;
  • possibility for remote control;
  • availability of settings for automatic control;
  • absence of necessity to set a time mode of operation.


  • it is contraindicated for children’s rooms with kids under the age of 4 years;
  • relatively high cost;
  • filters change necessity;
  • it is possible the scale after using a tap water.


option 4 – Humidifiers with ionizer

Such humidifiers can be any of the previous categories, but they characterized by the presence of the ionizer. These humidifiers are very useful, because they drive air charging its negative ions and creating the “air after the rain” effect. This air humidifiers are especially useful for children.


option 5 – Air cleaners

This title was conquered by this type of humidifiers due to principle of their work. Air gets into the device, after that passes through a special disk-shaped parts, that leaves all the its dirty particles and then it penetrates into container with water. And as a result new fresh air goes into the room efficiently cleaned and moisturized.  So, for caring parents we can say for sure: Humidifiers are an ideal option of air cleaning for children.


  • high degree of purification;
  • sufficient moisture levels;
  • ionization of air.


  • necessity of cartridges change;
  • high price;
  • large size.


option 6 – Climatic complex

This humidifier has features as previous “air wash” device, but additionally has a large number of filters and modes.


  • the full implementation of direct functions;
  • a quiet mode of work;
  • modes diversity;
  • easy to use.

The only disadvantage of this device – the high price.

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